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When it first aired, Demon Slayer quickly became one of the most popular new anime of the season, but do you know all about the main character?

The manga Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is written by Koyoharu Gotōge, about a young boy named Tanjiro who goes on an arduous journey of not only fighting demons and exacting revenge for the death of his family but also to turn his half-demon sister back into a human.

Ever since its first episode aired, the series became an instant hit. Even though the plot had nothing new to offer, fans lapped it up and begged for more. Here is the list of 6 little-known facts about the series’ protagonist.

1. Tanjiro is very empathetic

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Despite empathy being a defining trait of many male shonen protagonists, Tanjiro takes his empathy too far sometimes. While it is good to be kind to people, Tanjiro is often seen sympathizing with demons and hesitating to attack them, as a result of which he has often been taken advantage of, both emotionally and on the battlefield.

2. His Demon Slayer mark

Demon Slayer on Twitter: "Tanjiro's mark evolution" / Twitter

Upon being attacked by the Upper Moon Six demon named Gyutaro, Tanjiro’s demon mark was awakened for the first time. The second time it happened was when Tanjiro was battling Upper Moon three’s Akaza. This mark has been shown to increase his speed, strength, and agility tenfold, giving him the benefit of defeating powerful monsters he would otherwise not have been able to kill.

3. Tanjiro has rough Hands

This is a small detail that’s mentioned for a few seconds in the anime, something many fans would have missed. Ever since Tanjiro decided to become a demon slayer, he had to find a master and undergo strict training. It’s been noted that his master Sakonji Urokodaki’s tough training resulted in Tanjiro’s hands becoming rougher.

4. Tanjiro goes into a coma

The anime hasn’t caught up to the manga yet, so most anime fans will not know this detail. In the Swordsmith Village Arc in the manga, after a huge battle at Gyutari with Daki, Tanjiro goes into a coma. When he’s comatose, he dreams of his ancestor Sumiyoshi, his wife, and an unknown man with long hair. When he finally wakes up, he finds Kanao looking deeply concerned. She explains everything that happened to him, including the fact that he was gone for 2 months.

5. He’s banned from a specific Nashira training program activity

This occurs during the Hashira Training Arc in the Demon Slayer manga. The Hahira Training Program, as the name suggests, is a program for Demon Slayers to participate in. Tanjiro manages to finish every course he participates in, save one. And that is the Wind Hashira course, who have banned him for attacking one of their own – Genya.

6. He looks similar to his ancestor

Who is Tanjiro Kamado's Father?

Tanjiro has an ancestor named Sumiyoshi whom not much has been revealed. It has been explained that both these men look very similar in appearances, despite Sumiyoshi’s hair being much longer and tied back in a ponytail. This is yet another manga fact that was never mentioned in the anime.

There were 6 interesting facts about Tanjiro – Demon Slayer, we hope that this post entertained you. For more blogs about this Anime, visit our website.

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